On Thursday, July 6, 2023, BAZNAS RI received a visit from BRIN researchers to follow-up on previous BAZNAS RI BAZNAS RI visits in the context of collaboration related to various strategic programs. The BRIN Researcher’s visit was attended by Prof. Agus Eko Nugroho as the Head of the Governance, Economics and Community Welfare Research Organization, Prof. Agus Fanar as BRIN Senior Researcher and Head of UPZ BRIN, and five other BRIN Senior Researcher staff. BAZNAS representatives who welcomed the BRIN visit were Mr Rizaludin Kurniawan, MSi as the Head of BAZNAS RI in the field of Zakat Collection, Mr. Mohammad Hasbi Zaenal, Ph.D as the Director of ZIS-DSKL Research and Development, Mr. Abdul Aziz Y.S M.Sc, as the Head of the Innovation and Creative Program and seven other DKPN staff members.

The initial remarks were delivered by BRIN representatives, Prof. Agus, regarding the follow-up to the previous BAZNAS visit to BRIN in the framework of the planned cooperation between BAZNAS and BRIN in hosting the Indonesian Conference of Zakat (ICONZ) located at BRIN. In addition, the mechanism for collaborative strategic research between BAZNAS and BRIN was conveyed, as well as other important matters. Furthermore, in remarks from BAZNAS, Mr. Rizaludin said that the collaboration program between BRIN and BAZNAS will continue in the future, because BAZNAS and BRIN, apart from government institutions, also have the same vision regarding research and studies on the development of zakat to alleviate national poverty.

Furthermore, Mr. Hasbi, as Director of the ZIS-DSKL Research and Development, conveyed further about the continuation of the Seventh ICONZ collaboration by involving strategic campus partners who contributed to the success of the zakat conference held in Indonesia on an international scale. Furthermore, this visit will further strengthen the relationship between BAZNAS and BRIN in conducting research collaborations for Indonesia welfare.