Monday, 31 July 2023 - Mr. Muhammad Lawal Maidoki, Chairman of the Sokoto State Zakat and Endowment Commission (SOZECOM) in Sokoto, Nigeria, visited the BAZNAS RI office in Matraman, Jakarta at 08.00 AM. During his visit, he was received by Prof. (HC) Dr. Zainulbahar Noor, SE, M.Ec, the Head of Planning, Research, and Development Department at BAZNAS, and Prof. Dr. Ir. H. M. Nadratuzzaman Hosen, the Head of Information and Technology Department. 

The Chairman of SOZECOM expressed his appreciation for the various programs of BAZNAS that can be learned and adopted to transform mustahik into muzakki. "BAZNAS has significantly contributed to the development of SOZECOM in Sokoto, Nigeria. We have achieved numerous milestones through our collaboration, and we have also discussed potential joint programs for the future. We are thankful to BAZNAS for the established cooperation, particularly in zakat management," he said. The cooperative relationship between BAZNAS and SOZECOM has already spanned 10 years, and both institutions hope to strengthen their friendship and strategic synergy and also to be istiqomah in developing philanthropic institutions.

On this occasion, Mr. Muhammad Lawal Maidoki and Mr. Abdurauf Umar visited BAZNAS's Distribution and Empowerment Programs, accompanied by Ihsan and Art Fudlali from BAZNAS. The visit commenced at RSB Clinic and ZChicken at Istiqlal Mosque, where the RSB team explained the process of providing assistance to the mustahik and offered healthcare services to Mr. Lawal Maidoki.

Next, the team visited ZChicken, managed by Ms. Ririn, at the Istiqlal Mosque Food Court, and ZMart, operated by Mr. Turiman in Kebon Jeruk. Mr. Lawal Maidoki expressed his appreciation for the economic empowerment programs conducted by BAZNAS. He also showed interest in the strong brand presence of these programs and plans to adopt similar initiatives in Nigeria. At the end of the visit, Mr. Lawal Maidoki prayed for the well-being of the mustahik, muzakki, and BAZNAS, wishing them blessings at all times.