On July 25, 2023, a Management Meeting was held at the Ministry of Home Affairs. The meeting was attended by the Chairman of BAZNAS RI, Mr. K.H. Noor Achmad, M.A., Mr. H. Mokhamad Mahdum, SE, MIDEc, Ak, CA, CPA, CWM, CGRCOP, CHRP as the Vice Chairman of BAZNAS RI, and all the leaders of BAZNAS RI, including Prof. Dr. Zainulbahar Noor, S.E., M.Ec., as the Head of Planning, Research, and Development Division; Prof. Ir. Muh. Nadratuzzaman, MS., M.Sc., Ph.D., as the Head of Technology and Information Division; Ms. Saidah Sakwan, M.A., as the Head of Distribution and Utilization Division; Mr. Achmad Sudrajat, Lc., M.A., as the Head of National Coordination Division; and Mr. Kol. (Ret.) Nur Chamdani as the Head of Human Resources, Finance, and General Affairs Division. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Suminto, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Home Affairs, who serves as an Ex-Officio leader, Mr. Muchlis M. Hanafi, Lc., M.A., the Chief Secretary of BAZNAS RI, Mr. Dr. H. M. Imdadun Rahmat, M.Si., the Deputy 2 for Distribution and Utilization, also Directors and Bureau Chiefs, including Mr. Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal, Ph.D., the Director of Zakat Research and Development.

The leadership meeting was conducted to strengthen the institutional capacity of BAZNAS at the regional level, including BAZNAS at the provincial and district/city levels. During the meeting, discussions were also held regarding the allocation of grant expenditures to BAZNAS as part of the Provincial and District/City Budgets for the fiscal years 2022-2023. The purpose of these discussions was to categorize BAZNAS in each region based on whether they have received allocations from the regional income and expenditure budget (APBD) to support their operational funds. The allocation of funds from the regional income and expenditure budget is crucial for BAZNAS as it helps them in implementing their various programs aimed at supporting the beneficiaries (mustahik) in their respective regions. By identifying which BAZNAS branches have already received regional income and expenditure budget allocations and which are still in need, it becomes easier to ensure that the necessary operational funding reaches the appropriate BAZNAS branches. This process facilitates the realization of various programs aimed at assisting the mustahik in their localities.

The mapping of the regional income and expenditure budget  (APBD) for regional BAZNAS has been carried out by the Directorate of Zakat Research and Development. The regional income and expenditure budget can significantly help in supporting the operational cost of Regional BAZNAS. Therefore, when BAZNAS in each region receives financial assistance from the regional income and expenditure budget, it has the potential to increase the collection of zakat funds and optimize the distribution and allocation processes. BAZNAS regional also can enhance their operational capabilities, allowing them to implement their programs more effectively and efficiently. This can lead to a potential increase in the collection of zakat funds, as well as improved distribution and allocation to benefit the Mustahik (beneficiaries) in their respective areas. By conducting thorough mapping and ensuring proper utilization of regional income and expenditure budget funds, BAZNAS regional can better serve the community and fulfill their mission to assist those in need, making zakat management more effective and impactful.