BAZNAS Bondowoso give the zakat assistance to 274 people, Tuesday (9/5). Zakat Coordinator said that there are 100 recipients, this number shows that the recipients today more than the before recipients.

According to him, a total of 274 recipients based on existing data and received by the right people. "274 recipients are from Bondowoso, Binakal, Grujugan Curahdami, Klabang sub-districts and some other points that have been recorded with Valid," he added.

An assistance from BAZNAS Bondowoso include groceries, cash, trade tools, carpentry and mini bikes.

"We hope, later the recipients of zakat today, will be a muzakki" he said.

According to Mas'ud, this assistance is the result of contributions of Civil Servants (PNS) and agencies of Bondowoso District.

The event was attended by Vice Regent of Bondowoso, KH Salwa Arifin, Assistant II Bondowoso M Erfan, Sub-district Police Head of Kota with its members, Military rayon command of city and district and BAZNAS Bondowoso committee.

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