Thousands of candidates and young entrepreneurs follow the series of workshop of youthpreneur academy organized by Entrepreneurial School of Baznas. The event took place in the Great Mosque Hall of Depok and Bogor Ibnu Khaldun University, on Saturday (31/12), with the theme 'Toward a revival of Muslim young entrepreneurs in Indonesia'.

This workshop activity attended by Amil Zakat Director of BAZNAS, Chief of BAZNAS Depok, Head of Cooperation and Microfinance Service, and Vice Rector of Ibnu Khaldun University. The event expected to give birth to young entrepreneurs Muslims that were strong, professional and able to bring Indonesia glories in the future.

"Alhamdulillah as Allah's permission, entrepreneurship workshop was held, thanks to the support of the Youth and Adolescent Network of Indonesia Mosque (JPRMI), Depok City Government, as well as Campus Dakwah Institution (LDK) of Bogor Ibnu Khaldun University," said Hanif, as the committee's chief.

According to the Director of the BAZNAS School of Entrepreneurship, Roni Akmal, apart from young Indonesian Muslim entrepreneurs, the event also aims to introduce Entrepreneurial School program of BAZNAS (Sewira Baznas) to the public. Baznas through this school provides one year educational scholarships to young Indonesian entrepreneurs for free. These scholarships consist of training, mentoring, business practices, and business coaching guided by qualified mentors and business practitioners.

"It is expected that participants gain a comprehensive understanding and practice of the business world," he said.