On Monday, October 9, 2023, a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) was held by online platform, focusing on the zakat core principles (ZCP). ZCP is an initiative first launched on May 23-24, 2016, during the United Nations Humanitarian High-Level Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, and has now become a pivotal subject in the realm of sharia-compliant social finance. The event was attended by various key stakeholders in zakat management, including Dr. Ahmad Juwaini, Director of Sharia Social Finance at the National Committee on Islamic Economic and Financial Affairs; Arifin Purwakananta from the Deputy I Division of Collection at BAZNAS RI; Muhibuddin, S.Fil.I, ME, QIA, SAS-Zakat, serving as the Sub-Director for Accreditation and Audit of Zakat Institutions at the Directorate of Zakat and Waqf Empowerment, Directorate General of Islamic Community Guidance, Ministry of Religious Affairs; and Dananta Adi Nugraha as Director of Audit, Compliance, and Risk Management at BAZNAS RI.