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World Zakat Forum International Conference 2018 

Strengthening Global Zakat Cooperation in Increasing the

Welfare of the Ummah


The Islamic world nowadays faces multi-dynamic problems and challenges both externally and internally. The stigma and bad stereotypes aimed at various matters related to Islam have led Muslims to become victims of discriminations and oppressions. Internally, among Muslims themselves there are many people who are less concerned about other Muslims who have less prosperous conditions.

As a matter of fact, world poverty is found in many Muslim world. The high level of poverty among Muslims countries has obviously been weakening the position of the Muslim World, aggravated with backwardness at the education sector, inferiority in science and technology, plus less capacity of supra-structure and human resources. As a part to answer these various problems, the presence of zakat should be underlined as a strategic modality for the Muslim World to release themselves of any long-term dependence from western countries or any from northern hemisphere that becomes a prolongation of colonization at many occasions in a new face.

The resurrection of Muslim World must start from the success on how to settle the problems of ummah independently, autonomously among Muslim World themselves by strengthening the role of zakat as ‘a social-economic weapon’ that can then be used as ‘political arm’ in facing capitalism and liberalism. The use of zakat must have a strategic significance to reinforce ukhuwah (brotherhood), collaboration, and solidarity among Muslim Nations to reach common goals.

To respond this situation, global zakat movement can take significant roles to contribute, distribute and provide assistance for those who are ill-fated at both financially and non-financially. In addition, the global zakat movement can also support the development of human basic aspects, such as health and education sector. Meanwhile, mechanism of zakat still needs a serious attention to seek a solution related to precise comprehension of Fiqh, management models, inter-country distribution of zakat, the mechanism of cooperation in zakat practices related to diplomatic issues, and other concerned issues that will need to answer.

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26 November 2018 – Selangor, Malaysia

The World Zakat Forum,



Prof. Dr. Bambang Sudibyo, MBA, CA

Secretary General